About us

My Name is Francina, and I am the founder and owner of Be Still Tea.

I am a mother to 5 children and am married to the love of my life. 

I love tea, and I love people! 

The journey to Be Still Tea started for me several years ago. Back then I told my husband that I wanted to start a business selling tea when I retired. His only response to me was: “Why wait until you retire?” So this was the beginning of seeing the possibility to live out my dream in the here and now.

In the following years, I went through a very difficult and traumatic life experience that brought me to some of the lowest moments of my life. It was during that very dark time that I learned the concept and the importance of being still. 

While it was painful, I grew, I healed, and I slowly became myself. I became the person God made me, and more importantly, I allowed myself to connect to that person. One of the greatest lessons I learned at that time was that my effort and striving was not going to change all the difficult things I was facing. I needed to finally stop running and be still!

I began to make time for myself every day to stop and to listen. To be still. I did this by brewing a cup of tea, disconnecting myself from everything else and to be fully present. I learned to sit and allowed myself to connect with myself and listen to where I was and what I needed. This practice did not come easy and to be honest it was quite uncomfortable at first.  But with time I realized that sitting in stillness multiple times a day actually made me more productive. It allowed me to refocus myself and brought to light the areas that did not need my attention. It allowed me to prioritize myself focusing on what was most important. It was this realization that propelled me to start Be Still Tea.

Our business exists to help people create space to be still, find themselves where they are in life, connect with their feelings and emotions and just be. We are in business to help people be more fully themselves and accepting of who they are and where they are - one cup of tea at a time. With our teas, our hope is that you will illuminate yourself and let your beautiful light shine to the world around you.

This practice of being still with tea has allowed me to be more present, kind, and intentional about what I do, why I do it, and who I do it for. Will you join me on a journey to stillness, one cup of tea at a time?